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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mitzvahs, cards, knitting, canoes

Well, they don't seem to go well together, do they? The last 2 weekends have been full of those things and lots more. I keep waiting for a 'do nothing, relaxing weekend'.

Last Saturday at 9:10 Sanna asks if the rest of us are ready to go to the Bar Mitzvah. ??? Nope, we forgot all about it (even though I just thought about it the day before) and managed to get ready in record time. No time to make a card however. There was also a Bat Mitzvah Sanna attended several months ago that the card & gift keeps escaping me. So, this weekend those cards WERE getting made. It is now 9:10 and I've managed it, thanks in part to the extra hour that comes with the time change.

So, that covers Mitzvahs and cards. Is 'Mitzvahs' even an acceptable pluralization of Mitzvah? Since there was both a Bar & a Bat Mitzvah involved, I'm hoping so.

Knitting, always knitting. The first half of the bedspread is done and we're loving it. All other projects on hold, pretty much. That said, I'll sum up the 'canoes' part and go knit.

Last Sunday was consumed with 'Art on the Farm', a local artisans show where Doug has shown his canoes the last 2 years. He didn't sell one (we didn't really expect him to, canoes at that price aren't really a cash and carry item) but I did sell quite a number of knit items. I was thrilled and hope to have more to show next year. When I wasn't talking about canoes at this show, I was talking about his steam engines, also on display, and felt quite a bit out of my element. The rest of the time I was talking about knitting, which was much better.

So far November has been lovely. My mood will likely stay good as long as the weather does. I'm also applying for part time jobs. Blech. But more on that next time.