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Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall 2012

Well here I am again wondering where the time has gone. An early, beautiful spring gave way to a hot, EXTREMELY dry summer. Fall has been better but my seasonal anxiety has set in as usual. I feel like I am handling it better, somewhat.
Knitting and stamping (when I can get to that) still are immensely helpful in dealing with all this anxiety and powerlessness.
I've lost 50 pounds since May!!!! I splurged on myself and signed up for Medical Weight Loss. Of course, I had to stop getting my allergy shots in order to be able to pay for it, but so far no ill consequences. And having the weight off has eased up my neck and back pain, which makes having given up the chiropractor so Sanna could go more bearable. Oh, to win the lottery!!
I keep thinking of how my mother (how I do miss her, so very much) would say it isn't a 'splurge' to take care of oneself. Thanks mom, you are so right.
Well, I guess that will be all for now. Will try to catch up more later. Time to take on the day, better or worse. Hoping for better.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last day of spring, first day of summer

Wow, I'm on a ROLL. Feeling some creative energies flowing, even though I haven't had a whole lot of time to express them. It is nice to see my muse poking her head out.

I've lost darn near 20 pounds (that's 1/3 of the way to my goal!), and feeling darn good about it. Even went for a walk this morning before it got hot and got in a trip around the pond with the dogs. My foot was so sore yesterday and still today, so I was nervous but with good shoes and socks on it was fine. Still wish I knew what I did to it to make it feel so bruised.

Headed off to Forma this afternoon with a friend to get yarn for my Christmas knitting. I always say I don't DO any Christmas Knitting, but I do. I just don't pressure myself much about it. And Jan has been wanting to get up to Forma and we both have time, so off we go. He has a lovely site in the woods of northern Ann Arbor.

After I get home, dinner will be something easy and I'm going to try and get into the basement for some decluttering and maybe some stamping. I have a package to get in the mail to my friend Susan. She generously knits me socks so I send her yarn whenever I can. I wanted to get a card ready to go with it and finally got it finished the other day. Now to wrap up the box and get it sent!

Now that I've stated my goals in my little blog, I'm hopefully more likely to follow through. Now, back to my to do list at work. It includes two of my least favorite tasks....ugh. At least it is cool in here.

Until next time!

Friday, June 15, 2012

(Very) Late Spring 2012

This must be a new record. Two posts not only in one year, but within the same season!

I've got a little of a handle on my 'take care of me' problem. I signed up for Medical Weight Loss after hearing umpteen ads on the radio and knowing a couple people who have had success. It is sort of expensive (don't believe those $3/week ads for a second!), but hey, I'm worth it. I have a hard time believing this but it is what I've been told. I know my mom would approve.

The cost was the first discovery. I honestly can say I didn't think it was going to cost $3/week. They couldn't possibly make any money that way. But I went for it, and I'm glad. So far I've lost 16.5 pounds, in just over a month. I'm never hungry, the nutrients are very tasty, the people are super friendly & encouraging. It is all good!

The second discovery was that I had more weight to lose than I thought. Or, to put not too fine a point on it, I was fatter than I realized. Ick. So, my goal is about 50-60 pounds total. Mary, the woman who signed me up, says this is do-able by SEPTEMBER 1 if I do what I'm supposed to. Holy Toledo! So I am very motivated between having spent the money, seeing fast results, and a goal date that is so tantalizingly close.

The third discovery was really more of a confirmation of what I knew to be true but was really hoping wasn't. I was going to have to exercise, at least a little. For the plan, only 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Really, that is nothing, but I make it into a big something in my mind. Especially this spring when I've felt so frazzled and overwhelmed. Ninety minutes of KNITTING time....for what? To take care of myself? Pshaw. I'd rather knit.

So I'm still working on that 'knit while I walk' thing (I really don't think I can make the 'knit while I bicycle' thing work, except maybe at the gym. Not sure I can take the stares there).

Now that I've got most of that down, in two blogging sessions, I am going to go refill my coffee and knit for a while before I have to get anyone up to go anywhere. I have so many lovely projects swirling around my brain, and plenty of yarn in the stash for most of them. Naturally, I start to obsess on projects I don't have yarn for, and I'm going to a local, out of the way shop next week. The purpose is to a: hang out with my friend Jan; and b: get wool for 2 pairs of Christmas slippers for my nieces.  The temptation is to 'stock up' for these other projects swirling in my brain (Corona, Sexy Vesty, Thermal sweater, Simple Summer Tweed, 3xChic, to name a few). I may need a chaperone for my check book. But for now, the cuff of 'Rhombus' looks lovely in a red Heritage Paints yarn.

Time's a tickin', so I'd better get to it. If you see a woman walking and knitting at the same time, don't laugh. She's just trying to fit it all in.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring 2012

Believe it or not, I've actually tried to post a couple of times recently. For some reason I wasn't able to sign into this blog. The internet nymphs conspired against me. But the notion struck here at work (where I should be working) on a sunny Saturday in early April so here I am.

I tend to use this as sort of a journal, but not too personal since it is, after all, the internet. Even with only 2 followers, it is still out there. somewhere. Bwaaahaha. Life lately has been....I don't know. I'm happy, generally, but over all unhappy. I'm going along, raising beautiful daughters and doing the best I can in my work. (Well, sort of the best I can, since I'm goofing off right now, blogging at work. ) I don't feel like I am at the place in my life where I thought I would be at almost 47 years old. I feel like I'm taking care of everybody BUT me. Though if I had time to do whatever I wanted, for me, I feel like I would fritter it away like Frankie did on 'The Middle' one Mother's Day.

I want to do what is bad for me but get the results of doing what is good for me. Why can't knitting burn enough calories to negate the Milky Way 'Simply Caramel' bunny I just ate?

I guess the long and short of it is, I take care of everybody. But if I didn't have to I wouldn't necessarily use the time wisely. I'd still be fat and out of shape.

I feel like I'm waiting for the destination and not enjoying the journey. Not good. How to change it?