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Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall 2012

Well here I am again wondering where the time has gone. An early, beautiful spring gave way to a hot, EXTREMELY dry summer. Fall has been better but my seasonal anxiety has set in as usual. I feel like I am handling it better, somewhat.
Knitting and stamping (when I can get to that) still are immensely helpful in dealing with all this anxiety and powerlessness.
I've lost 50 pounds since May!!!! I splurged on myself and signed up for Medical Weight Loss. Of course, I had to stop getting my allergy shots in order to be able to pay for it, but so far no ill consequences. And having the weight off has eased up my neck and back pain, which makes having given up the chiropractor so Sanna could go more bearable. Oh, to win the lottery!!
I keep thinking of how my mother (how I do miss her, so very much) would say it isn't a 'splurge' to take care of oneself. Thanks mom, you are so right.
Well, I guess that will be all for now. Will try to catch up more later. Time to take on the day, better or worse. Hoping for better.

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