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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Well, what do ya know?

I think I managed to go a full year without actually sitting down and blogging. I'd rather DO the things I want to write about: knit, rubber stamp, read, etc. I used to be pretty good about it, but no more.

Maybe it is a function of getting older but I have less focus. Good thing my livelihood does not rely on my blogging skills.

This winter has slogged on-lots of snow and very very cold. Everyone is complaining, but I try and remember it is part of our weather cycle in this state. We don't have hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes and relatively few tornadoes. So I don't really feel bitching about the cold is good karma.

And then I remember days like June 15, 2013. What was so special about that day? The weather was GORGEOUS. When people ask "It is so cold/windy/ugly/gray/rainy. WHY do we live here?" I can say "June 15, 2013. THAT is why we live here." That day and days like it. Sure, it gets humid. Sure, it gets cold. And gray. And rainy. And windy. And ugly. Gotta take the good with the bad people.

Now, off to do at least a little exercise so I can get these pounds that have crept back on, OFF. Walking outside has become a habit (at least until this last cold snap) but when it is too cold or treacherous to walk I have to cultivate the habit of doing a DVD or something. Otherwise the scale punishes me no matter how good my eating has been.

Thus ends a somewhat disjointed post. Happy 2014, all!

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