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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

me & my big mouth!

So here I am, having announced to the FB world that I have a blog. Now everyone wants the URL. Stage fright! I don't even really know why I'm blogging, or that I have anything worth blogging about. I read the Yarn Harlot and so envy her style, so perhaps it is a bit of literary envy (if you can call a blog 'literary').
My daughter wants the URL, probably just to make sure I'm not blogging anything embarassing about her. What I think is embarassing and what she thinks is embarassing are two very different things. So I'll leave her out of this (mostly).
Another burning question is, where do people find the time to do things worth blogging about, then document them with pictures, upload the pictures, and organize a blog? What about the rest of life? The laundry, rearing the children, cooking, shopping, cleaning, sleeping, for God's sake? I write this realizing that I am sitting here in my workout clothes, wasting precious workout time, blogging. Maybe making a blog wasn't such a bright idea after all.

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